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  • Cedric Kamunga

Ampuch Group Sarl

Web Design

Title: Ampuch's Website is Here

Sector: Mining & Metals

Location: South Africa, and Congo Kinshasa

Date: November 2020

The Brief

Ampuch Group Sarl is asked to come to search for them a platform or application that can generate invoice easily because they were very frustrated by using the traditional Microsoft excel, for them, it was too old-school and too complex to generate invoices and to keep with the books. However, we had very great tools for them in mind, infect some business solutions that can change and innovate the Amouch Business forever. Nevertheless, we have introduced the Ascend Business Tool by

The Solution

We've designed an advanced Wix website that loads super faster, with a great look and feel design aesthetic because we really wanted to match everything with the mining concept and vibe. The content flow idea was based on the Ampuch business profile.

Please check it out on the video below to see the interaction of the website.


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