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  • Cedric Kamunga

Gaval Community Services

Web & Brand Identity Design

Title: GAVAL Web & Brand Identity

Client: Gaval Community Services

Location: Adelaide South Australia

Date: January 2021


Keeping the creative vibe and design spirit in shape and being a perfectionist is important as playing football or any sport at the highest level, and that what makes a professional be different from the rest. The co-founders of GAVAL approached us and trusted us by completely giving us a green light of creativity. GAVAL really wanted to stand out from their competitors and look very different and relevant. The Founders wanted first a very attractive and good looking website. Then secondly they wanted to revamp their logo and visual identity system.

Building this visual system that connects all the communication executions starts with a simple solid concept based on 3 main keys.

A representation of Nursing Community by maintaining its blue turquoise color
The brand needed to be close to the NDIS color, for it to be easily recognized.
The Aboriginal main color had to be included in the brand as well because has been working supporting and working together with Aboriginal Communities in South Australia.

Nevertheless, it took us 10 days to complete a full visual identity system, from the logo; the typography; the website with its iconography. We had a great collaboration and both parties were definitely happy, and we have got a lot more projects to work on.

Please enjoy viewing the final artwork of the GAVAL Brand Identity, don't forget to leave a comment, and hit the heart to appreciate the project, and kindly share it. Many thanks!!

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