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5 Most Valuable Steps to Launch Your Brand.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

5 Important tips to boost your brand Identity, By Fire by Force!

As a businessperson, right after finding the gap, opportunities and solutions in the market; we all know that an effective business plan together with a business profile has to be written first, then you’ve got to find a pretty name for your brand, and business registrations, I really mean a name which is short to read, very catchy, unique and unforgettable.

The theory of branding has four main parts which are the brand as Identification; brand as differentiation; brand as personification; and brand as value. Today, is it the brand as Identification that I am going to talk about. The brand Identity is all about visibility! What I am saying? _ Here are the tips on how to have an effective brand Identity that create effective visibilities for your business offline:

  1. First get an appropriate Logo.

  2. Bring on Your Photography to live.

  3. Get a Killer Corporate Identity.

  4. Build a Website that tells your brand story

  5. Go Digital by building an online presence.


1. First Get a Logo: Be Remarkable & Unique

One of my favourite quote by STEVEN HELLER that I always like to share with all my clients whenever I have to present and sell my artwork to them is:

“A logo is an extension of who you are and what you do.”

– What does it mean? Please pay attention _a logo is like your flagship just as any country has one, it is your emblem just as every football team has one, or should I may be say it is like your fingerprint just as everyone has it unique fingerprint, beside identical twins. Your logo should be an expression or meaning of your company’s mission, vision; or your core values which all represent your brand culture. In general, one must understand that a logo is an identifier, and something that stand in for who you are, therefore a great logo should be memorable and appropriate to your brand or your business.


2. Bring on Your Photography to Live: Find your voice in it.

Brand Photography is other greatest tool of expression, and photography always goes together hand in hand with any visual marketing communications, you will need photographs for your brand, that can be use for your business profile; for your social media; for your products; and for your advertisement campaign needs. Therefore, your photography must have a voice and story that your audience should always relate to.


3. Get a Killer Corporate Identity: Stationery Standard is a Key

However, once you have got your logo and your photographs all ready, the next step is to create a brand style guide, a document that will consist of the brand identity directory, about how your logo should be consistently used on every marketing promotional material, such as the business card, letterhead, compliment slip & envelop, business profile, posters, flyers, exterior or interior signage, t-shirt, caps, bags, social media banners and many more… However, these will include the directory use of the following:

  • The corporate typeface and fonts

  • The logo and backgrounds colours

  • The sizes of each document - print + digital

  • The colors values that should be used such as Pantone and CMYK.

  • The Image & Graphic treatment that will carry one with the brand story.


4. Build Your Website: Every Business Must Have a Website!

A good quote that I have picked for this particular angle is by BEN SETTLE, which I really wanted to share with you is:

“The primary purpose of your website is to make sales”.

What does it mean? _ The question here is that, what are you offering? People would like to hear first what you are offering not what who you are; whenever they land on your home website page.

The good thing about nowadays is that, you don’t need a web developer to code a website from scratch. Now there is a lot super platforms where you can you build and host your website such as,,,, and . _ The above mentioned website builder are one of the best I can mention. You can also create a website on your own on those platforms for a start, but you will definitely need to get a graphic designer or web designer to make your website very attractive and pretty.


5. Go Digital: Start Your Online Branding

Another favourite quote by GARY VAYNERCHUCK which I would like to share with you is;

“Digital Marketing is the Future.”

What does it mean? _We are living in the world where the internet has become the most valuable real estate, most of the big brands are shifting in to digital platforms. I know you probably ask yourself about what are the benefit you will get when you go digital?

_Well, here are the crucial benefits about going digital:

  • your business will be globally visible (My first international clients were Japanese, I actually met them from Instagram organically without any sort of pay advertising )

  • Your business will sell your product or services online.

  • Your business will reach customers with Geotargeting Contents (Social Media Advertising) in case you don’t know, just google it.

  • Your Business will reach more people locally, on social media, or on mobile.

Now after creating your website, do some research about what types of social media platforms are suitable for your business, then get your social media channels starting, and make sure that all social channels are linked to your website and blog. If you have no clue about how to create your social artwork; you can go for this is the best platform whereby you can get generic template with it sizes for all social media platforms.


To conclude, after all you should start thinking about creating a fresh campaign to launch your business in terms of creating some buzz and awareness. Now the tricky part here is that you must have a STRATEGY & DIFFERENTIATION. Yes, a strategy is what I will be talking about in our next blog post.

Since you now know what are the 5 secrete ingredients you have to apply in order to launch your brand, and if you don’t have a BRAND IDENTITY right now; we can assist you and deliver the work without complex, that’s why we say “Unto Us a Brand is Born, and the Identity is Given.”

Let’s talk on or visit our site on

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