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YellowStar Housing - Brand Id

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Client: Yellow Start Housing

Industry: Real Estate

Location: Johannesburg South Africa

Date: May 2021


Yellow Star Housing is a licensed real estate agency specialised in marketing of Buying and selling of properties both commercials, residential ,management of properties and properties investment.


YellowStar Housing asked saw what we have made for path property and decided to get in touch with us, in order for us to rebrand and uplift its visual brand identity and ecosystem within the touch-points or brand applications which includes engaging videos seres, Social Marketing Marketing, Business Profile, and the Business Stationery.


At Giant Portfolio we always try achieve a clinical finish on the brands we touch. Looking at this project; we first started with revamping Yellow

Star logo, which pretty messy in term of colours and geometric angles, as well as the typography and fonts being used on the logo. As You can see on the image from the right side; We've tried to polish the house within the star. We've also giving equal spacing or distance between the start and the house. Looking at the Typography we have decided to centre the text. Now coming to the Colour we thought that it will be better to place the logo on the blue background, so that the rich patriotic Congolese colour can pop pop out nicely.

Here is the entire branding ecosystem, that we at the Giant Portfolio we've created for YellowStar Housing.

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