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ASP - Visual Identity Revamped

Client: African Specialized Printing

Industry: Printing

Location: Cape Town South Africa

Team: The Giant Portfolio CPT

Lifting up the beauty of CMYK colours - print is not dead!

ASP asked us to give its brand a fresh look on their business stationery, outdoor marketing, and a brand new website + digital marketing strategy.

Located in the City of Cape Town African Specialized Printing is master printing company, offering the best services with high quality standards. We've always highly recommended ASP's services to all our clients. Any printing projects or application we worked on for our client;is directly sent to ASP.

Restructuring the logo Icon

Our main strategy in this project was to first restructure the ASP logo mark or icon, in order to make it look compact and very minimalistic. From the previous logop, we thought that he African map was covering the beauty of the Abstractive Letter A. Therefore we've reduce the size of the African map, and then place it within the bottom right part of the logo icon.

Fixing the logo type

Then secondly we decided to look into the typography alinement and structure. The name of the of the business was too long, then we structured it in such a way that its legibility can be easy to read out and also to fit very well on all the brand applications.

The Visual Identity

We've made sure to bring in the CMYK and as well as all imageries to consist with printing. We wanted the CMYK to be included in every aspect of ASP brand image because this is what define its business and services offerings.

Check out the full branding below:


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