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  • Cedric Kamunga


Logo & Corporate Identity

Title: Buffalo City Municipality TV

Sector: Television

Location: South Africa

Date: December 2020


The Brief

Buffalo City Municipality Television asked us to come with a good logo that can look relevant to the television industry.

The Problem

- Looking at the images on the right and side; the logo looks too busy, there are so many things applied to it. The best Logos in the world are too simple.

The Solution.

1. Appropriation: Based on our visual research, we have maintained a strategy on creating marks that appropriate to the television industry by being inspired by the world best broadcast and television brands

2. Distinctive: We’ve created logos that are unique and not generic, by trying to communicate a message of television, connection, and online live recording.

3. Simplicity: We’ve created marks that are visually timeless, and memorable, by maintaining

the concept of using the BCM in bold letters with an integration of a camera icon within the letter C and The Network Connection Icon.

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