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  • Cedric Kamunga

Let's Talk Somm

Title: Private Wine Cellar Procurement

Client: Let's Talk Somm

Location: Cape Town South Africa

Project: Custom Logo | Branding | Web Design

Agency: The Giant Portfolio

Date: September 2020

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Let’s Talk Somm by Pearl Oliver-MBumba approached The Giant Portfolio to create an entirely brand new Logo and visual identity system that look corporate and more professional with high standards and consistency along with the off-line and Online platforms.


In order for us to create a new logo and identity system for Let’s Talk Somm; we come up with the best and unique logos that will bring great value to the Let’s Talk Somm visual brand as well as its upcoming Website. Therefore our solution was about to first design logos; by having a showcasing a talk or dialogue concept of wine and acholic beverages industries.

3 important strategy we’ve applied on designing the logo and identity system design for

Let’s Talk Somm was the following:

1. Appropriation: We’ve created logos that symbolize wine tasting and talk or dialogue and knowledge.
2. Distinctive: We’ve created logos that are unique and not generic, with a great composition by applying a Golden Ratio to balance the hierarchy in terms of visibility and legibility. We also wanted the logo to represent a sense of dialogue about wine tasting.
3. Simplicity: We’ve created logos that are visually timeless which makes the Let’s Talk Somm brand to be corporate, professional, and memorable to anyone who will use the online or offline platforms.




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