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Mother City Barbers

A logo design and brand identity for Mother City Barber, an upcoming barbershop owned by young African entrepreneurs, located in the city of Cape Town South Africa on Long Street.

Company/ Mother City Barbers

Sector/ Barbershop Salon

Location/ Cape Town South Africa

Agency/ The Giant Portfolio

Service/ CI | Branding | Visual Merchandise

Creative Director / Cedric Kamunga Cikusa


The Brief

Mother City Barbers wanted a new logo that portrays the following:

“We hope the new logo will help our brand stand out”

_Justin Mwamba Partner

The Solution

The illustrated logos on this page are from the listed competitors, and this will was taking as inspirational items in terms of direction on crafting a new logo and the identity system for Mother City Barbers. Based on these logos below; we wanted to maintain the traditional visual representation of barbershops such as the scissors and the mustache as the main character in the Icon, and we’ve also implemented the latter M as well.

3 important strategy we’ve applied to design the logo and identity system design for Mother City Barbers was the following:

1. Appropriate: We’ve created a logo that is in relation to the Barbershop industry.

2. Distinctive: We’ve created a logo that is unique and not generic, minimalistic, and classic just all in black as it was requested.

3. Simplicity: We’ve created a logo that is visually timeless which makes the logo to be memorable, and modern by incorporating the table mountain within a mustache including the iconic scissors as an iconic classic and traditional barbershop tool.


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