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  • Cedric Kamunga

professional Training through academi®

Client: 4levels Solutions

Service: Graphic design | Digital Marketing

Team: The Giant Portfolio Cape Town

pushing an Identity to the limit begins with right attitude, analysing and understand 4levels solutions brand was the greatest strategy to achieve the best creative direction on the art and copy.

The Brief

4 an IT Solutions Company in Johannesburg, asked us to come up with a fresh visual branding and campaign for its online branding as well academi®'s brand activation which is a their new product that based on professional online courses and trainings.

The Solution

As a part our strategy

- We first look at 7 top best IT companies in world in term of acquiring inspiration from their visuals.

- Secondly we focussed on what makes a good hero (Header) Section by playing the 15 seconds online first impression rule. 90-80-% Website Visitors always make a decision to leave or stay on the website because either they don’t understand where they are or this just not form them, and only take 7 seconds give them that first impression. Therefore is it is very crucial for the Hero which is the top or header section to answer some fundamental questions, to that we don’t lose people in first 15 seconds.

Here are the questions we need to understand:

the following 3 questions are:

1. What is this?

We decided to images that speak a 100 word about the business, in order for the visitor to understand where they are landing without even reading.

2. What do you do?

We decided to use image that is in consistent with the wording or copy, to help the visitors understanding what is the purpose on the page.

3. What ‘s in it for me:

We decided to come up with punch lines + images with call to action push the visitor to stay on the page to explore more.

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