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Shaday Groupe Logo & Identity

A well-designed, confident and consistent visual identity is highly effective in communicating the strengths of Shaday Groupe by The Giant Portfolio

Shaday Groupe Logo design by the Giant Portfolio
Shaday Groupe Signage

Client: Shaday Groupe

Industry: Business Consulting Firm

Location: Kinshasa Congo-Kinshasa

Service: Logo & Brand Identity

Date: August 2021

The Brief

Shaday Groupe is an advisory firm located in Congo Kinshasa. We were asked to come up with a custom logo design with a standard corporate identity for the business which is close to Barclays, Dangote, and Agnico Eagle logos.

The Solution

This project was created within 2 days, and the client mentioned that the reason is hiring is based on our professionalism and the delivery speed. However, we felt very valued by the statement made by our client, and this is what marketing is all about. We've worked with our client for so many years since 2016, and this actually our fifth project with the client.

Nevertheless, the firm is based in the business consultancy sector, therefore we've applied 3 main strategies in creating a custom logo which is :

  • Appropriation: we've created an icon that suits the consulting industry, we decided to come with a Letter S sort of icon with a geometric swoosh which represents speed,

  • Distinctive: We've created a unique logo that communicating the perfect vision of an abstract flying eagle.

  • Simplicity: We've created a logo that is minimalistic, modern, symbolic, and very abstract.


Have a view of our produced artworks below, and kindly leave us a message about what you think. If you wish to work with us on a cool Custom Logo and Branding project or Web design hit us with a message on WhatsApp or Email, Contacts bellow:

WhatsApp: +27 72 419 5270 | +27 65 827 3900


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Shaday Groupe Logo Design & Branding

Have a look at Shaday Groupe Logo & Brand Applications artwork designed by The Giant Portfolio


Shaday Groupe Brand Guide

We've always offered a brand as part of our package in order to give a standard to our client visual branding, also to respect the guideline in using the Corporate Identity.

Have a look at Shady Groupe Brand Guide below:


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