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Travay App

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

A logo & brand identity design for Travay App, which is a platform for professional freelancers.

Project/ Travay Branding

Sector/ Digital App

Location/ Cape Town South Africa

Service/ Branding, User Interaction Design

Art Director/ Cedric Kamunga


The Brief

Travel is an online marketplace and freelancer platform providing users access to service providers and freelancers nationwide. Through the platform, users may access services, bid, sell, or purchase from online stores and review services.

Travel asks us to create to improve their logo and visual identity system for their landing page and upcoming digital app. The main concept was to create a logo with the letter "T" as a monogram that will stand out and fit on various branding platforms.

The Solution.

1. Appropriation: Based on our visual research, we have maintained a strategy of creating the mark that is unique and appropriate to the Freelancing App and online platforms or Industries.

2. Distinctive: We’ve created a logo that is unique and not generic, by trying to communicate a message of communication, collaboration, and work.

3. Simplicity: We’ve created a mark that is visually timeless, and memorable, by keeping the concept of using the letter T in bold and small with the integration of working symbols or icons.

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