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Woch Engineering & Supplies

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Logo & Corporate Identity

Title: Woch Engineering & Supplies

Sector: Mining

Location: Southern Africa | South Africa & Zambia

Date: December 2020

The Brief

As a long-existing and well-established company organization, Ampuch Group SARL ask us to work together on re-branding their visual brand identity, with its new name called WOCH ENGINEERING & SUPPLIERS.

We were given a complete trust to come up with new Logo Marks, and visuals identities that are similar and consistent to the current Ampuch brand but with a brand new Fresh look.

The Solution.

1. Appropriation: Based on our visual research, we have maintained a strategy of creating marks that are unique and appropriate to the mining & engineering industry.

2. Distinctive: We’ve created logos that are unique and not generic, by trying to communicate a message of mining and engineering solutions, with keeping the amazing colors combination of bees, honey, and its nest, and also including the earthy color texture, that all together stand for Woch company value and concept.

3. Simplicity: The best logos in the world are too simple. We’ve created marks that are visually timeless, and memorable, by keeping the concept of minimalism by using the letter W integrated within negative space a gear silhouette that represents engineering solutions. Then secondly we’ve also tried to come up with the abbreviation of WES marks that typographically joined together in a sophisticated and complex way.

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