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  • Cedric Kamunga

Kiss Media Production

Logo Design & Digital Branding

Client/ 243 Pro Network

Sector/ Professional Photography & Videography

Location/Cape Town South Africa

Agency/ The Giant Portfolio

Service/ CI | Branding | Digital

Creative Director / Cedric Kamunga Cikusa

Founded by Patrice Efile, Kiss Media Production is Professional Photography & Videography studio specialize in commercial and, portrait photography, and also best known for music videos.


Kiss Media Production wanted a new logo that portrays the following message:

“We in the process of Revamping and we want to appeal to our customers both in the Corporate World and Entertainment industry.”

The Solution

In order for us to create a new logo and identity system for Kiss Media Production; we wanted to maintain the letter K as the main character or focal point on the logo icon, and we’ve also implemented a morphological matrix of a Camera, and Film strip.

3 very important strategy we’ve applied on designing the logo and identity system design for

Kiss Media Production was the following:

1. Appropriation: We’ve created a logo that is in relation to the film production industry.
2. Distinctive: We’ve created a logo that is unique and not generic, with a composition by applying a Golden ratio to balance hierarchic in terms of legibility.
3. Simplicity: We’ve created a logo that is visually timeless which makes the logo to be memorable, minimalistic, and modern.

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